A Perfect Union

A Perfect Union is the collaboration of small business owners who share the enjoyment and excitement of planning and producing the perfect event for you and your guest.

We can take care of all your event needs; let us do all the leg work for you by putting together your event. Our services range from customizing the invitations to setting up and tearing down the event.  Below is a snapshot of services.

· Custom Made Invitations

· Wedding Cakes or a variety of other events

· Caterer

· Decorations

· DJ Services

· Photographer

· Videographer

· Facials on day of event

· Limousine Service

We want to take the stress off of you by providing a One Stop Shop service.


Let us pull the whole event together for you.   We will coordinate everyone's efforts so that you only have to place one call to get all your questions answered.  A seamless process is what we are all about.  

Save time and money by having access to all your wedding day needs under one roof!  You can choose to use just one or all of our services. Not just limited to weddings, we will plan any event you need help with.